Are Auto Repair Mechanics And Repair Shops Really Worth It?

Are Auto Repair Mechanics And Repair Shops Really Worth It?

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How can I find a reliable auto repair shop? This is the first question you should ask yourself. Very few shops have any sort of shuttle so finding one close to home or work is ideal. The best case scenario would be a loaner providing a loaner vehicle provided by your insurance company but that is rarely the case, unfortunately. So start by searching for 3 to 5 auto repair shops near you on Google, then read their reviews to get an idea of the level of service they offer. You can also look at the location's street view on Google maps; is it fenced to protect your vehicle overnight? At the end of the day, trust your gut feeling when it comes to choosing a repair shop.


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Can you trust the estimate from your car mechanic or repair shop?

As with all things there will always be mechanics and body shops who want to take advantage of you in your time of need but there are some things that you can do without much effort to get a gauge of trust. A second opinion is never a bad idea and a third is even better. You can ask questions like: Will putting this off cause me long-term issues? How long do I have until this repair becomes a real issue? How many hours would you estimate this fix would take?


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Is it worth it to repair my vehicle or should I buy another?

Fixing broken items is worth considering. DIY projects could save you some money, but the level of difficulty may vary. A seemingly small task like removing a bolt from a lift can quickly become a struggle. So start by doing some research before starting. If you are not particularly knowledgeable about cars, or if you are on a tight timeline, it is probably best to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic.
Auto body repair costs can be expensive - for example, a side panel for a 2015 Toyota may cost around $3,000. Fortunately, this type of repair typically does not affect the car's performance when driving. As a result, many people may opt to use the money they would have spent on the repair for a down payment on a new vehicle instead.


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New or used, what do I need to know?

Since Covid, the car buying process has been significantly altered. It has become almost impossible to purchase a brand-new vehicle, as waiting times of up to a year or more are expected. If your vehicle needs a major repair and you cannot wait that long, we recommend looking at purchasing a pre-owned vehicle because you will have more options with free shipping, more bargaining power, and you can see the inventory in real time. There are plenty of used car dealers in Canada but like the automotive repair shops you will need to find one you trust. At RightRide, we have a nationwide inventory of vehicles with thousands of makes and models to choose from!


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