Warranty & Protection Plans

Worry-free protection for unpredictable roads.

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Why add RightCoverage to your vehicle purchase?

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You’re not on your own
RightRide consultants will help you out if you need to use your warranty and protection
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Save your money
The cost of owning a vehicle goes up with the number of kms you drive. With the right coverage, you can avoid unexpected costs.
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Get more mileage out of your ride
Addressing any mechanical issues keeps you in your vehicle longer, saves you money and makes your purchase more sustainable.

Gap Coverage

In the event of an accident, fire or theft, top-up payments provide coverage for the outstanding balance on your vehicle that is not covered by insurance.

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Tire & Rim Protection

Tire and rim protection offers peace of mind by safeguarding against unexpected expenses for repairing or replacing damaged tires and rims.

How much coverage do you need?