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Bankruptcy is not the only option

The Credit Restoration Program works with federally regulated Licensed Debt Solutions Trustees who provide advice and services to individuals with debt problems. They help people make informed choices to deal with their financial difficulties and have the authority to administer government regulated debt solution proceedings that allow discharges from debt, often opening up opportunities for their clients to purchase a vehicle again despite their credit history, and often at a much lower interest rate. We're here to point you in the right direction.

Who is RightRide?

We help Canadians get approved for an auto loan and find reliable vehicle financing regardless of credit history. Our Special Finance Managers have a wealth of experience with all rebuilding and a genuine concern for your well being We work with agencies like Bromwich and Smith and Farber to help you get back on track.

What Makes RightRide Different?

Bankruptcy is not the only option

We're working for you. You get the Right Rates. You get the Right Payment Terms. You get the Right Loan Options. We have inventory nationwide Access to thousands of NEW and USED vehicles with almost every make and model to choose from!

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