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Refer A Friend & Get Up To $3500

We’ve rolled out our Refer-a-Friend Program to help spread the word about RightRide’s nationwide inventory of vehicles and flexible credit solutions!

First Referral $500
Second Referral $1000
Third Referral $2000
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    Up To $3500 Cash Reward

    Tell a friend about the flexible automotive financing options available through RightRide! You’ll earn a $500 cash reward for the first referral when your friend makes a vehicle purchase. $1000 for the second and $2000 for the third friend who purchases a vehicle.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Fill out our quick referral form
    • Your referral purchases a RightRide vehicle
    • Get $500/$1000/$2000 cash!*

    It’s that easy!

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    We're Here to Get You Driving

    You want a car loan but you don’t want it from a lender you can’t trust. You also don’t want to have to go back and forth between the bank and the dealership trying to get approved. We can get you driving a new vehicle without all of the hassle and frustration of getting a traditional car loan.